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Pet-Friendly Kitchen Design

Posted by Amy Cornell on Fri, May 22, 2015 @ 10:30 AM



Americans love their pets and they spoil them rotten. Our devoted friends are never far, following us from room-to-room, determined not to miss out on any of the action. Most folks could use a little less company underfoot in the kitchen, however. 

If you are planning an upcoming kitchen renovation and have pets, consider some of these thoughtful additions in your kitchen cabinetry design. They will keep your animals safe, comfortable and may help avoid a sprained ankle, or two one day. 

man's best friendPet Beds: The kitchen island is the perfect space to house a cozy pet bed and/or feeding station.  If you have the floor space, you don't even have to sacrifice storage. Simply extend the counter top past the back of the cabinet. Small kitchens can carve space too by leaving off the door of a base cabinet to make a narrower niche for smaller dogs and cats.

white dog close up pixabay

Pull out dog bowls from PinterestFeeding Time: Many cabinet manufacturers offer pull-out drawers which discreetly house pet bowls. Add a roll-out cabinet with plastic kibble bins beside it and make feeding even more efficient. An easy way to create space for bowls away from feet (without losing storage) is by recessing a base cabinet and adding a little ledge.Quality kitchen companies can help you customize such a space most anywhere in your kitchen or utility room. 

These ideas are just scratch the surface of pet-friendly kitchen design. When you select a quality cabinet manufacturer along with a talented kitchen company, you can create almost anything to delight your furry friends. 

We love what we do ... and you will too.

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Glass Cabinet Doors Create Kitchen Charm

Posted by Amy Cornell on Fri, May 01, 2015 @ 09:00 AM


general woodcraft custom cabinetryA great way to personalize your kitchen cabinetry is with custom glass front cabinet doors that showcase your style and your treasures. Glass options abound and styles vary to suit your taste: traditional, transitional, contemporary, etc . This photograph features Greenfield Cabinetry's full inset shaker style kitchen cabinets with opaque reeded glass.  If you want some sparkle on your kitchen cabinets, while maintaining some privacy, opaque glass is a great alternative to clear. Other popular glass choices include bubble, etched, clear, leaded, patterned and more. 


We love what we do ... and you will too.


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Kitchen Design with a Place for Everything

Posted by Amy Cornell on Fri, Apr 17, 2015 @ 07:00 AM


cabinetry with purposeIf  your kitchen's overloaded cabinets could qualify you for an episode of 'Hoarders', we are here to help. Today's cabinet manufacturers have created ingenius storage solutions to make your new kitchen a thing of beauty AND organization. The key is to identify an experienced kitchen designer who will listen closely to your needs, assess your space and budget, then select a quality cabinet manufacturer whose solutions will best meet the goals of your kitchen renovation. Greenfield Cabinetry's custom cabinetry is featured and can be easily customized by General Woodcraft for your own supremely organized project.

We love what we do ... and you will too.


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Kitchen Design with Unique Beauty

Posted by Amy Cornell on Tue, Apr 14, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

Long white kitchen

This is a lovely example of a simple and airy kitchen with organic ties. Bleached and weathered wood is quite popular in furniture and cabinetry right now. The organic warmth of the farmhouse table works nicely with the cool stainless steel appliances and simple white cabinetry. Transitional polished chrome Open shelving and mid-century modern furniture make this kitchen unique and welcoming. 


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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware: Adding the Bling to your Kitchen Design

Posted by Jennifer Wilson on Wed, Jun 19, 2013 @ 11:30 AM

Adding the Bling to Your Kitchen Cabinets

A while back we talked about how to pick the right kitchen cabinets. One of the last steps in that process is adding the hardware to your kitchen ensemble. Choosing hardware for your kitchen cabinetry is like adding the finishing touches to a custom tailored outfit.

You may not be showcasing your new kitchen on the red carpet, but it still has to look great on every occasion. What good is that strapless Dior without the Harry Winston earrings? None! And your stunning new custom cabinets deserve the same attention to detail. Accessorizing your kitchen is easy if you follow these simple steps.

Contemporary with Contemporary – Traditional with Traditional – Would you wear a vintage suit with a Jerry Garcia necktie? Probably not. So why would you put antique glass knobs on a sleek contemporary cabinet? Choose hardware that complements your cabinets.

traditional kitchen turquoise

Finish Here, Finish There, Finishes Everywhere! – The hardware you choose does not have to match the finishes on all of the other fixtures in your kitchen. But it should not clash with them either. If you are going stainless on appliances and brushed chrome on lighting and plumbing, think about a brushed finish for your hardware or something simple that can make a subtle statement.

traditional kitchen with warm wood upper and lower cabinets

Color Me Colorful – Colored cabinets make a bold statement all by themselves. You don’t have to get crazy with the hardware in a brightly colored kitchen. White cabinets are another story entirely. They provide a clean palette on which any color or finish looks great. So try on a few different styles and see what fits best.

Wood You? – Would you add colored knobs to wood finished cabinets? Why not? The rich tone of oak, cherry or maple cabinetry provides a beautiful background for virtually any hardware. A popular choice is pewter, bronze, chrome, nickel or some other variation of hard metal or even stone. But color adds a unique finish on an old favorite.

modern retro kitchen with warm wood tones

How are they Hangin’? – The doors that is… Custom cabinets are often designed with custom overlays and interior hinges. But if your doors are hung with exposed hinges, make sure that the hinges match the pulls and other hardware. Eclectic is okay when mixing lighting and appliances, but too much variety is overkill.

Shopping for hardware should be as fun as shopping for a fine piece of jewelry. You will have to visit several jewelers and look at different cuts, shapes and styles of precious gems. And yes, you may even have to try a few on for size. But when you find that one, you know the one; the one that catches the light just right and looks amazing with the rest of your ensemble, you will have found the perfect fit!



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