RED OAK - Quercus rubra

red oak

NAME: Red Oak
BOTANICAL NAME: Quercus rubra
ALSO KNOWN AS: Pin oak, Black oak, Northern red oak
RANGE: Widespread throughout the Eastern US. Far more plentiful than White Oak.
STRENGTH PROPERTIES: Hard, stiff and strong with moderate stability in use and little natural decay resistance.
GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Machines quite well but has tendency to splinter and chip; avoid cutting against the grain. Turns and steam-bends fairly well. Somewhat difficult to work by hand. Nails and screws satisfactorily although pre-drilling recommended. Glues satisfactorily. Finishes well with most stains and finishes.
AVAILABILITY: Readily available in a multitude of widths, thicknesses and lengths. One third of all domestic hardwood production is Red Oak.
USES: Furniture, flooring, architectural millwork and mouldings, doors, kitchen cabinets, paneling and caskets.