BUTTERNUT - Juglans cinerea


NAME: Butternut
BOTANICAL NAME: Juglans cinerea
ALSO KNOWN AS: White Walnut
RANGE: US and Canada
STRENGTH PROPERTIES: Soft, moderately light, with low strength, stiffness, shock resistance and decay resistance.
GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Butternut is one of the softest hardwoods. It can be used in carving or in furniture construction. Butternut is closely related to walnut. Works well with power or hand tools but softness necessitates sharp cutting edges. Screws, nails, glues, stains, and finishes quite well.
AVAILABILITY: Moderate availability.
USES: An excellent carving wood, furniture, cabinets, paneling, interior trim, veneer, boat building, boxes and crates, instrument cases, trunks, and millwork.
COST: Valuable.