BUBINGA - Guibourtia spp


NAME: Bubinga
BOTANICAL NAME: Guibourtia spp.
ALSO KNOWN AS: Essingang, Ovang, Kevazingo, Waka, Ehie
RANGE: Equatorial Africa. Occurs in swampy or periodically inundated forests, rivers and lakeshores.
STRENGTH PROPERTIES: Moderately hard and heavy, moderately durable and resistant to preservative treatment. Drying may be difficult, but with care, the wood dries well.
GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Heartwood pink, vivid red, or red Quite hard and heavy the species work, saw, and plane rather well and produce a good finish, glues well, a good wood for turnings
USES: Fine furniture and cabinetwork, decorative veneers, fancy turnery, inlay work.