SITKA SPRUCE - Picea sitchensis


NAME: Sitka Spruce
BOTANICAL NAME: Picea sitchensis
ALSO KNOWN AS: Coast spruce, tideland spruce, silver spruce, and yellow spruce
RANGE: Pacific Coast and Canada
STRENGTH PROPERTIES: Light, soft, low shock resistance, moderate stiffness, good steam bending, very stable. Moderately low in strength but very high strength to weight ratio.
GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Easily worked with hand and power tools. Nails, screws and glues well. Works well with hand or machine tools. Good turning properties. Nails and screws without pre-drilling and has good holding properties. One of the easiest woods to cut, glue, and finish.
AVAILABILITY: Readily available
USES: Crates, pallets, millwork , flooring, siding, paneling, sash, doors, musical instruments, cabinets, boat building, stadium seats, ladder rails, woodenware, novelties, and plywood.