WALNUT - Juglans nigra


NAME: Walnut
BOTANICAL NAME: Juglans nigra
ALSO KNOWN AS: Black Walnut
RANGE: Primarily Central and Eastern US
STRENGTH PROPERTIES: It is heavy, hard, strong, and stiff, and has good resistance to shock.
GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Easily worked with tools, and stable in use. Walnut is well suited for natural finishes. Most Walnut lumber includes some of the lighter sap wood and this is allowed in the highest grades.
AVAILABILITY: Readily available in 4/4, 6/4, 8/4 and 10/4 thicknesses
USES: Furniture, cabinets, architectural millwork, doors, flooring, paneling, and gun stocks. A favored wood for using in contrast with lighter-colored species.
COST: Moderate