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General Woodcraft has been delighting customers for over 60 years with beautifully crafted products using the finest wood species from around the world.  Our skilled craftsmen can build custom countertops and island tops in virtually any shape or layout you desire. Everything we make is custom crafted, so you are never limited to just one particular size, thickness, wood species or style. Our wood countertops can be configured to fit any particular space, from small cutting boards to large islands and anything in between.



  • 40 different wood species in stock (and you can combine them for an even more dramatic effect).

  • Our Countertops are offered in Flat Grain (plank style) or Edge Grain construction.

  • A tried and true assortment of standard edge profiles is available as well as many custom profiles.

  • Our beautiful tops are available unfinished or with a non-toxic food safe Oil Finish.

  • We offer sink cutouts, radius edges, mitered joints …and a whole lot more.

Whether you are planning on a desk top, work space or a cutting surface for food preparation, we have the species and the edge profiles to complete your project with rich natural beauty and a stylish flair that is sure to meet your needs for many years to come.



 Wood Species for Custom Counter Tops

General Woodcraft offers over forty natural wood species in stock and many more are available on a custom order basis:

General Woodcraft Wood Species



Choose from the warmth and subtlety of an Ash or Maple, or the vibrant tones of exotics such as Bloodwood or Purpleheart or create a striking grain effect with Zebrawood, Lacewood or Rosewood. Even more choices are available when these species are combined together in your overall wood countertop design.


custom hardwood countertop


Construction Style: Custom Wood Countertops 

Flat Grain (plank style) Wood Countertops:

This style shows off the boards’ Zebrawood custom countertopnatural face graining and is a great choice for desk tops, table tops and other non-food prep areas.  Species that have a lot of natural grain character show exceptionally well in this style (Hickory, Ash, Oak, Cherry, Exotics, etc.).

Flat grain wood countertops are our most popular wood countertop design. They are affordable and showcase the beauty of the face of the wood boards.


Edge Grain Wood Countertops:

This wood countertop style is achieved by Lyptus Custom Wood Countertoplaying the boards on edge before assembly.  This creates an extremely hard surface and reveals more grain character of the wood species than the flat grain style. A great option for nearly every wood species available.

Although there is more work involved in creating an edge grain countertop, the results are stunning.



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Edge Profiles for Wood Countertops

You can choose from a variety of standard edge profiles for your custom wood countertop.  Choose from any of the styles shown below or we can create an edge profile specially for your countertop.


Standard Edge Profiles

Edge profiles for wood countertops


Looking for different custom woodworking for your project?


Do you have a particular project in mind for us? Contact General Woodcraft today and we will contact you to discuss the details.  Let us know how we can help.



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