HARD MAPLE - Acer saccharum

hard maple

NAME: Hard Maple
BOTANICAL NAME: Acer saccharum
ALSO KNOWN AS: Sugar Maple, Black Maple
RANGE: Primarily in Eastern US and Lakes regions
STRENGTH PROPERTIES: The wood is hard and heavy with good strength properties, in particular its high resistance to abrasion and wear. It also has good steam-bending properties.
GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Hard maple dries slowly with high shrinkage, susceptible to some movement in performance. Pre-drilling is recommended when nailing and screwing. With care it machines well, turns well, glues satisfactorily, and can be stained to an outstanding finish. Polishes well and is suitable for enamel finishes and brown tones.
AVAILABILITY: Readily available
USES: Flooring, furniture, paneling, ballroom and gymnasium floors, kitchen cabinets, worktops, table tops, butchers blocks, toys, kitchenware and millwork: stairs, handrails, mouldings, and doors.