Common Woods and Native Hardwoods

 recently harvested logs are responsibly harvested

General Woodcraft has been supplying high quality wood products to the woodworking community since 1949. We have learned a lot about the quality and character of hardwoods during that time. We have a full assortment of hardwood species in many lengths, thicknesses and widths in our extensive hardwood inventory. Whatever your woodworking project, we have the experience and hardwoods in stock to help bring your project to life.


We carry the following native hardwoods and other common wood species in stock for your project needs:


Ash  Fraxinus americana

Alder  Alnus rubra

Aromatic Cedar  Juniperus virginiana

Basswood  Tilia americana

Birch  Betula alleghaniensis

Butternut  Juglans cinerea

Cherry  Prunus serotina

Chestnut  Castanea sp.

Cypress  Taxodium distichum

Clear Fir  Pseudotsuga menziesii

Eastern White Pine  Pinus strobus

European Beech  Fagus sylvatica

Hickory  Carya ovata

Hard Maple  Acer saccharum

Holly  Ilex opaca

Poplar  Liriodendron tulipifera

Red Oak  Quercus rubra

Soft Maple  Acer rubrum, Acer saccharinum

White Oak  Quercus alba

Walnut  Juglans nigra


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Check Out Our Other Wood Species

If you don't see the wood species you are looking for listed above in our Common Woods and Native Hardwoods list, please check our in-stock list of Exotic and Figured  Wood Species.

General Woodcraft can also source many hard-to-find wood species for your woodworking project needs. Contact us today for more information about hardwoods.