BIRCH - Betula alleghaniensis


NAME: Birch
BOTANICAL NAME: Betula alleghaniensis
ALSO KNOWN AS: Red Birch, White Birch, Silver Birch, Yellow Birch
RANGE: Mostly Northern and Lakes regions of the US and Canada
STRENGTH PROPERTIES: Birch is heavy, hard and strong. It has very good bending properties, with good crushing strength and shock resistance.
GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: The wood works fairly easily, glues well (with care), takes stain extremely well, and nails and screws satisfactorily. Pre-drilling is advised. Has moderately high shrinkage and may be subject to some movement.
AVAILABILITY: Good availability, especially when selected for color.
USES: Furniture, millwork and paneling, doors, flooring, kitchen cabinets, turnings and toys.
COST: Valuable