EASTERN WHITE PINE - Pinus strobus

eastern white pine

NAME: Eastern White Pine

clear pine

NAME: Clear Pine
BOTANICAL NAME: Pinus strobus
ALSO KNOWN AS: White pine, northern white pine, northern pine
RANGE: Eastern US and Canada
STRENGTH PROPERTIES: Soft, weak, and light with low decay resistance, shock resistance, and poor steam bending.
GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Works very easily with most machine or hand tools although turning is only fair. Carves quite well. Holds nails and screws well without the need to pre-drill. Glues, paints and varnishes well. Sealer recommended to prevent blotches when staining.
AVAILABILITY: Readily available in numerous, thicknesses, widths, lengths and grades.
USES: Carvings and sculpture, millwork, sash, doors, trim, paneling, cabinetry, furniture, toys, novelties, musical instrument components, caskets, boxes, match sticks, veneer, dowels, and patterns.
COST: Low. Various grades can be selected based primarily on the number and size of knots.