General Woodcraft has searched the wide world over to bring the most attractive species of wood flooring to your home or project...and at prices that will make you smile.

Brazilian Walnut- (Ipe) The rich, chocolaty tones and fine graining of Brazilian Walnut will afford your project luxurious elegance. Its tremendous hardness will ensure that its beauty and character will endure.

Brazilian Cherry- (Jatoba) The deep warmth and splendor of Brazilian Cherry makes a statement like no other wood flooring. And it is more than two times harder than red oak.


Seasoned for a Century or More
To Make a Unique Statement in Your Project

Antique and vintage woods are reclaimed or recycled from the barns, factories and other buildings of a bygone era. They have the depth of character that only a century or more of sun and rain, summer heat and winter cold can impart.

Rarely is wood like this available as new lumber today. Most vintage and antique wood was originally cut from old-growth forests, when trees had a century or more to grow and grew larger than is common today. As a result, this wood has tighter growth rings and unusually tight grain. These woods are truly unique.

To reclaim vintage wood, the structural beams and floors are first hand selected. Old fasteners are carefully removed. Then it is milled as needed to make this lumber a practical alternative for today’s construction.

As a result, you can use General Woodcraft antique and vintage lumber to reproduce the character of a 19th century hand-hewn beam or the exquisite beauty of an old, wide-plank floor. The many rich, natural hues of this wood simply can’t be reproduced by modern technology.

From our selection of antique and vintage wood, choose the warmth of old Eastern White Pine, Heart Pine or Douglas Fir, the mellow look of American chestnut or the enduring strength of antique oak.


100-200 years old, cut from antique wood salvaged from old buildings. Specifications: Traditional T&G or S4S

 AntiqueEasternWhitePine  AntiqueOak
 AntiqueDouglasFir  AntiqueHeartPine
 AntiqueSpruce  AntiqueHemlock




Specifications: 1 1/8" thick, 8" - 16" wide, 6' - 20' Long, S2S

 eastern white pine2  heart pine